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Our Philosophy

The Educators at St Patrick’s Child Care Services will offer play-based learning environments. The children will be supported in their learning with the focus being their strengths, abilities, and interests. The Educators will aim to provide a safe and homelike environment that provides cultural, artistic, and recreational experiences where children can relax and play. Throughout the day the children will have access to continuous indoor and outdoor spaces in all types of weather, promoting agency and choice. As Educators we believe nature is one of our greatest teachers and the children will be encouraged to explore the natural elements it offers. Children will be encouraged to learn about and engage in sustainable living practices.

Educators will value the relationships they develop with their children, families, and community. Families will be encouraged to be actively involved in the Service; contributing ideas and to take an interest in their child’s development and achievements. Educators, children, and families will work together to establish routines that allow flexibility whilst still meeting the needs of each child. Educators will aim to respect and understand each family’s culture and beliefs. The Service is committed to recognising and respecting the diversity of all families, and their values, culture and lifestyles are treated equitably.

Educators will intentionally encourage the children to learn the skills of emotional intelligence; resilience (coping skills when things go wrong); impulse control; awareness and control of emotions; empathy; self-awareness; optimism, self-direction, and motivation. Educators will ensure each child knows they have the right to feel safe at all times and that they can talk to someone when needed.

The Service has commitment to ongoing learning and reflective practice. Our Educators are our most valuable resource. We are committed to providing a fulfilling and professional environment that encourages initiative, feedback, and opportunities for ongoing learning.

Our Vision Statement

St. Patrick’s Child Care Services was established by the Archdiocese of Hobart to provide high quality Early Childhood Services for families within the community.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality learning environment possible utilising professional trained staff who reflect our commitment to nurturing and realising the potential within each child.

Core Values


To be sensitive to each other’s individual needs and develop trusting relationships.
Communicate with each other in respectful and honest ways.
Sharing individual skills and mentoring each other.
Create a supportive, non-judgemental environment for families, children, and Educators.


Individual needs of children will be valued.
Values and beliefs of each person in the Service will be respected.
All children, families and Educators are to demonstrate respect for each other, equipment, and resources.


This is demonstrated through:
Curriculum Planning and Routines.
Expectations of others.
Established relationships with others.


Foster creativity and imagination through providing a range of materials that encourage experimentation and questioning.

Continuous Improvement and Reflective Practice

Educators will continually reflect and improve on their interactions and practices with children.

Diversity and Equity

Demonstrated through the curriculum and routines.
Create supportive, non-judgemental relationships with families.

Having Fun!!!

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